Still drinking water AQUA MINERALE, 5 l

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Drinking water AQUA MINERALE non-carbonated volume of 5 liters will definitely come in handy on the farm. It is the source of life and energy on the planet, a person must maintain water balance in order to feel healthy and full of energy. The product of the highest quality is suitable for daily use, it perfectly quenches the feeling of thirst, and promotes early recovery. Extraction takes place from artesian wells at a depth of 300 meters. It is the deep bedding of the mineral water springs that ensures crystal purity, since they are completely protected from the negative effects of environmental factors. After extraction from the source before bottling, AQUA MINERALE undergoes only mechanical filtration, which removes large particles, and all useful minerals and salts are retained. Due to the rapid spillage and minimal interference in the composition, a balance is maintained across the entire spectrum of useful elements. You can buy 5 liters of drinking water AQUA MINERALE in the METRO shopping center in Moscow. Volume: 5 liters. Carbonated: still. Packing: PET. Type: mineral. Quantity: 1 piece. Type: water. Brand: Aqua Minerale. Country of origin. : Ukraine. For: all. Type of sale: by the piece. Purpose: food product. Features: no additives. Classification: food. Scope: dining room.
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