Mineral water in PET MAGNESIA, 1.5 l

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Mineral water Magnesia is a non-carbonated drink that has a beneficial effect on the human body and strengthens its protective functions. It is great for daily use. The water contains a high magnesium content and a small amount of sodium. Mineral water is extracted from a source located in a protected area. Water flows through rocks, which act as a natural filter. After that, it mixes with carbon dioxide, which helps to dissolve minerals and ensures low mineralization of the water. Extraction of water takes place without contact with people. You can buy Magnesia mineral water, 1.5 l PET bottle in Lukime online store. Product type: mineral water. Brand: Magnesia. Volume: 1.5 l. Region: Czech Republic. Gasification: still. Category: mineral. Suitable for: tasting, eating, recuperating. Healing properties: to maintain water-salt balance in the body, improves metabolism, good for the stomach. Color: transparent. Taste: refreshing, soft, pleasant. Aroma: fresh, clean, neutral. Gastronomic combinations: ideal for daily use, it is a suitable addition to any gourmet dish Bottle type: plastic Pack size (L? W? H): 90 x 90 x 340 mm Composition mg / l: Mg - 170,00, Ca - 37.40, Na - 6.17, SO4 - 11.10, HCO3 - 970.00, H2SiO3 - 87.30, Cl - 2.11. Total mineralization: 1284.89 mg / L. Shelf life: 12 month Storage conditions: store at a temperature of +5 to + 25'C in a dry place protected from sunlight. Indications for therapeutic use: chronic gastritis, ulcer pain Disease of the stomach and duodenum, chronic colitis and enterocolitis, chronic diseases of the liver, biliary and urinary tract, metabolic diseases.
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