Spring water VALIO, 0.5 l

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Spring water VALIO, 0.5 l is obtained from a natural spring source in Finland. The spring water source Kiviste originates from the Ice Age, which was more than 10 thousand years ago. His deposit is located in an ecologically clean and picturesque corner on earth. The water tastes fresh thanks to a unique purification method. When approaching the surface, it passes through dense layers of sand that filter it. The original taste of spring water remains unchanged due to modern bottling technologies, and all important mineral components are preserved in it. The quality of spring water in Finland is one of the highest, which is confirmed by the results of ongoing research on the state of water reserves. The product has been certified at the state level and meets the requirements of GOST. You can buy VALIO Spring water, 0.5 l in Lukime online store. Manufacturer: Valio. Country: Finland. Brand: Valio. Carbonation level: still. Taste: natural. Packaging: plastic bottle. Water type: spring. Chemical composition. : Chemical composition: pH
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