Magnesia raspberry carbonated 1.5 l

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Water is a source without which our life is impossible. Eating a sufficient amount of it in the body improves metabolism. This means that your sleep and nutrition will normalize, your mood and skin condition will improve. Why not drink a drink that tastes good? Sparkling water Magnesia raspberries will correct this situation. There are no preservatives and harmful chemicals, but there is natural magnesium, which is responsible for many processes. Getting enough magnesium per day will alleviate stress, relieve anxiety, fall asleep calmly and quickly, and focus on work and be productive all day. The taste of raspberries will make the process of obtaining vitamins pleasant. The volume of 1.5 liters is the norm for the daily diet. Nutrition will become more balanced, because the groundless hunger will not arise. It has long been proven that losing weight is impossible without drinking water, and a healthy lifestyle is not at all real without water balance. It is easy to check all this for yourself. You can buy carbonated water Magnesia raspberry, 1.5 l in Lukime online store. Ingredients: mineral water, raspberry juice (0.2%), sugar, flavoring, citric acid. Nutritional (energy) value per 100 ml: 4 carbohydrates , 5g, of which sugar 4.5g, 18.7 kcal / 79 kJ. Storage conditions: at temperatures from + 2 ° C to + 25 ° C in a dry place protected from sunlight. Shelf life: 12 months. Brand: Magnesia : Karlovy Vary mineral waters AO.
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