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EVIAN mineral water, 0.33 l - a natural source of minerals. It is mined in an ecologically clean region of the French Alps, located far from industries and large settlements. Falling out in the form of pure mountain snow, the water over the next years passes through different geological layers, due to which it is not only filtered, but also saturated with mineral substances. It is not subjected to any processing before bottling. The water is recommended for daily use. Not only will it help maintain an optimal balance of minerals in the body, it will also have an overall beneficial effect on your health. You can buy EVIAN alpine mineral water, 0.33 l at an affordable price in METRO in Moscow. Producer: SAdes Eaux Minerales d'Evian, France. Composition: calcium - 70-90, magnesium - 20-40, sodium + potassium - 10, sulfate - 15, chlorine - 10, hydrocarbonates - 340-370, nitrates - 3.9, silica - 9-17. Energy value: 0 Kcal. Shelf life: 24 months. Storage conditions: at a temperature of 2 ° to 40 ° C.
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