Mineral water ASQUA PANNA, 1l

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The following products take part in the Action: Mineral water "Acqua Panna" 1 l. plastic bottle. Mineral water "S.Pellegrino" 1 l. plastic bottle. The name and conditions of the Promotion, allowing to establish a relationship between the Products and the Promotion being held, are contained in advertising materials posted in the network of stores participating in the Promotion, as well as on the global Internet at: https: //www.sanpellegrino.com/ru/ru Mineral water AСQUA PANNA, 1 l - the purest source of freshness and minerals from the very heart of sunny Italy. Underground wells from which water is extracted are located in Florence. The chemical composition has a low degree of mineralization, so this water can be consumed daily during meals to enhance the taste. It has a light and pleasant aroma and neutral taste, for which it was recognized by the World Sommelier Association. You can buy ACQUA PANNA non-carbonated mineral water, 1 l in Lukime online store. Producer: ASQUA PANNA, Italy. Ingredients: mineral water. Nutritional value: proteins - 0 g, fats - 0 g, carbohydrates - 0 g. Energy value: 0 kcal. Expiration date: 18 months. Storage conditions: in a cool dark place.
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