Mineral water VOLVIC still, 1.5 l

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Volvic natural mineral water is intended for daily use. It quenches thirst well, energizes and helps to normalize metabolism. In addition, it has a positive effect on the kidneys and is used in dermatological treatment. Water is extracted from the Clairvic spring, located in the national park in Auvergne (France), and immediately bottled into containers under the supervision of specialists. Its light taste is due to its balanced composition, which contains magnesium, sodium and silicon. Passing through 6 layers of porous volcanic rocks, the liquid is filtered naturally, interacts with various minerals and is enriched with substances important for the body. You can buy mineral water VOLVIC, 1.5 liters in the required quantity in Lukime online store. Country of origin: France. Type of water: dining room, hydrocarbonate magnesium-calcium. Degree of gassing: without gas. Volume: 1.5 L. Type of packaging: plastic bottle Composition: chemical composition (mg / dm3): calcium Ca2 + 10-12, magnesium Mg2 + 8-9, sodium Na + 10-12, potassium K + 5-7, sulfates SO4 7-9, СI 13-15 chlorides, HCO3 70-80 hydrocarbonates, NO3 6-8 nitrates, SIO2 30-32 silicon dioxide, pH 7-6. Total mineralization: 0.13-0.15 g / m3 A natural sediment of mineral salts is allowed. Storage conditions: store in a cool, dry place at a temperature of 2 to 40 degrees. Protect from direct sunlight. Shelf life from the date of production, mass: 24. Storage: an open bottle should be stored in the refrigerator no more than 7 days.
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