Mineral water MAGNESIA still, PET, 1.5 l

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Mineral water MAGNESIA without gas, PET, 1.5 l - an excellent tool for quenching thirst and improving the body due to the contained useful substances that help remove excess moisture. It belongs to the type of medical dining room, and it can be used to prevent gastrointestinal diseases, first consulting a doctor. The water is taken from a spring in the vicinity of Karlovy Vary, it is rich in magnesium and silicon, which is why it has a pleasant, unique taste. You can buy mineral water MAGNESIA without gas, PET, 1.5 l in Lukime online store. Chemical composition (g / l): cations: Mg 0.15-0.25, Ca 0.03-0.045, Na + K 0.01-0.02; anions: SO4 0.01-0.025, HCO3 0.99-1.01, CI 0.005-0.007, HSiO 0.006-0.075. Silicic acid content: 0.055-0.065 g / L. Total mineralization: 1.280-1.500 g / L. Volume : 1.5 l Type of water: mineral Brand: Magnesia Country: Czech Republic.
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