Mineral water BORZHOMI, 1.25 l, PET

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BORZHOMI drinking mineral water is produced on the territory of the Borjomi nature reserve. Its composition is completely natural, the drink does not contain preservatives, flavor enhancers and other artificial additives. It contains a complex of 60 elements of volcanic origin, which have a beneficial effect on the body. Medicinal table mineral water BORZHOMI is used for diseases such as chronic gastritis, pancreatitis, metabolic disorders, pathologies of the liver, biliary tract, duodenum and stomach, colitis. You can buy mineral water BORZHOMI, 1.25 l, in Lukime online store. Carbonated level: carbonated. Type: medical dining room. Taste: natural. Packing: plastic. Weight: 1.289 g. Mineralization: 5.0-7. 5 g / L. Composition: calcium - 20-150 mg / l, magnesium - 20-150 mg / l, sodium - 1000-2000 mg / l, hydrocarbons - 3500-5000 mg / l, chlorides - 250-500 mg / l.
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