Chips LAYS Oven Delicate cheese, greens 85 g

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MISTRAL groats Buckwheat kernel, 5 pcs. x 80 g is distinguished by excellent quality, unique taste and characteristic, pronounced aroma. The manufacturer grows the best varieties of buckwheat, observing all conditions necessary for the growth of this grain crop. After harvesting, cleaning is carried out, so the cereals in the package are always clean, without foreign impurities. Porridge from it turns out to be tasty and crumbly. It is ideal as a side dish and can be used to prepare first and second courses. The groats are cooked quickly, the grains are not boiled and retain their shape. Buckwheat is a useful and loved by many product. It contains vitamins, trace elements and amino acids that the body needs for normal functioning. It is often used during diets, it helps to normalize the digestive system and regulate metabolism. Buy groats MISTRAL Buckwheat kernel, 5 pcs. x 80 g can be in Lukime online store. Brand: Mistral. Manufacturer: Mistral Trading. Weight: 400 g. Number of servings: 5 bags. Storage conditions: store in a dry place with relative humidity up to 70%. storage: 15 months. Groats: buckwheat. Type of processing: whole. Color: brown. Packing: cardboard box. Ingredients: quick-boiled buckwheat (steamed), premium. Nutritional value per 100 g: proteins 12 g, fats 3, 4 g, carbohydrates 72 g, fiber 7.8 g, calories 335 kcal.
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