Carbonated drink DRINKS FROM CHERNOGOLOVKA Baikal, 2l

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Carbonated drink Baikal DRINKS FROM CHERNOGOLOVKA, 2 l - a legendary product created in 1977 as an alternative to Coca-Cola. Due to its rich and refreshing taste, it quickly gained popularity and became the official drink of the 1980 Olympics. Baikal is made on the basis of the purest water from an artesian well, as well as extracts of herbs and black tea. It quenches thirst well, helps to restore strength and gives vigor. The drink has a beautiful reddish brown color and rich multifaceted aroma. It is placed in a capacious 2 liter bottle made of food-grade plastic and hermetically sealed with a screw cap. The drink is well suited both for drinking during lunch or dinner, and for serving festive tables, including when receiving a large number of guests. You can buy a carbonated drink Baikal DRINKS FROM CHERNOGOLOVKA, 2 L in Lukime online store. Product type: highly carbonated drink. Natural ingredients. Composition: prepared artesian water, sugar, extracts: eleutherococcus, black tea, sugar color E150d, natural aromas, citric acid, oils: cardamom, lemon, preservative sodium benzonate. Nutritional value: carbohydrates 10 g. Energy value: 40 kcal. Package: plastic bottle. Volume: 2 L. Storage conditions: store at temperatures from 0 ° C to + 25 ° C. After opening the package, store the drink for no more than 3 days at a temperature not exceeding + 10 ° C.
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