Carbonated drink COCA-COLA, 0.5 l

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Carbonated drink COCA-COLA, 0.5 l - a legendary drink that is familiar to everyone in the world today. An amazing tea-caramel color, pleasant gas bubbles and a refreshing incomparable taste - this is what is hidden behind the traditional red bottle cap. The packaging format is convenient - you can take the drink with you on walks or trips. Cola is renowned for its tonic effect due to its high caffeine content, so it will give you a boost when you need it. You can buy a carbonated drink COCA-COLA, 0.5 l in Lukime online store. Ingredients: water, sugar, carbon dioxide, dye (sugar color), acidity regulator ( ortho-phosphoric acid), natural flavors, caffeine. Nutritional value: proteins - 0 g, carbohydrates - 10.6 g, fats - 0 g. Energy value: 42 kcal. Shelf life: 6 months. Storage conditions: in a cool place. GOST TU 9185-021-40227765.
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