Caramel MALUTKA Assorted, 500g

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The product contains natural ingredients and a minimal amount of fat. The lollipops in the set have a variety of flavors, including orange, currant, mint, peach, cherry and lemon. These sweets will be an excellent snack in between meals. Due to their low weight, they can be taken on a trip, a long trip, for a walk or to the office. A volume of 500 g is enough for several days with moderate consumption. Lollipops are an excellent substitute for bad habits and become a good alternative to a high-calorie dessert. You can buy candy caramel "Malyutka", 500 g in Lukime online store. Brand: ROT FRONT. Producer: JSC "ROT FRONT". Series: "Malyutka". Type: candy caramel "Caramel assorted candy ".Variety: caramel, candies (assorted). Packing: package. Weight: 500 g. Ingredients: sugar, syrup, acidity regulator - citric acid, dyes: E163, E120, E100, E160s; flavors: "Cherry", "Black currant", "Lemon-Gin", "Orange", "Peach", "Raspberry". natural flavoring "Mint". Proteins: 0 g. Fats: 0.1 g. Carbohydrates: 97 g. Energy value: 1650 kJ (390 kcal) / 100 g. Storage conditions: store at air temperature (18 +/- 3) * С and relative humidity not more than 75%. Shelf life from the date of manufacture: 15 months.
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