RODODY SPACE sweets with coconut flavor, 190 g

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Coconut flavored sweets RODODY SPACE, 190 g - this is a real chocolate paradise for those with a sweet tooth. The candies are covered with delicate glaze and coconut flakes, and inside are filled with praline filling with coconut aroma. The aesthetic packaging allows you to give "childhood sweets" to your friends. The delicacy has always been a hit of sales, as its incredible taste and aroma makes people buy the confection more often. Give yourself the opportunity to drink tea with family and friends in an atmosphere of warmth and harmony with chocolates. You can always buy sweets RODNY SPORTORA with coconut flavor, 190 g in Lukime online store. Ingredients: sugar, whole milk powder, vegetable oil, coconut flakes (11%), cocoa liquor (10.6 %), cocoa butter equivalent (palm oil, shea butter), dry milk whey, milk fat, natural flavors (coconut, vanilla), emulsifiers (soy lecithin, E476). The product may contain peanuts, nuts, egg white and gluten. Nutritional value of the product: proteins - 7.1 g, fats - 39 g, carbohydrates - 49 g. Energy value: 581 kcal. Shelf life: 9 months. Storage conditions: store at temperature from 15 ° С to 21 ° С and relative air humidity not more than 75%.
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