ALPRO Vanilla Soy Drink 1.8%, 250 g

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ALPRO vanilla soy drink, 1.8% 250g is suitable for those who prefer soy milk because of its benefits. Soy milk contains highly digestible protein, essential amino acids and vitamins. Ideal for pregnant women, children and athletes. ALPRO vanilla soy drink has a light texture and delicate vanilla taste. It is an indispensable aid in the fight to lower cholesterol levels. Suitable for people who are allergic or lactose intolerant. Soy drink contains calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and other important constituents of our vitamin background. ALPRO - essential vitamins in one box! Manufacturer: Alpro Comm. VA, Belgium Ingredients: water, raw cane sugar, refined soybeans (6.4%), dextrose, calcium carbonate, potassium monophosphate acid regulator, sea salt, vitamin B2 and B12, gelatin gum stabilizer, flavorings. Nutritional value in 100ml: fat - 1.8 g (of which saturated acids - 0.3 g; monounsaturated acids - 0.4 g; polyunsaturated acids - 1.1 g, of which linoleic acid - 0.99 g, alpha-linoleic acid - 0.12 g); protein - 3.3 g; carbohydrates - 7.9 g (of which sugar - 7.8 g); fiber - 0.6 g. Energy value in 100 ml: 62 kcal. Sodium: 0.05 g. Calcium: 120 mg. Iron: 0.3 mg. Potassium: 81 g. Magnesium: 40 mg. Zinc: 0.2 mg. Phosphorus. : 30 mg Vitamin B2: 0.24 mg Vitamin B12: 0.15 mg Storage conditions: store at room temperature. Store opened packaging in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. The shelf life is 12 months.
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