ACTUAL Wild Orange-Mango Serum Drink, 930 ml

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The drink on serum ACTUAL jussi orange / mango, 930g will give you a bright rich taste of tropical fruits and will charge you with vigor and good mood for a long time. The product contains a complex of vitamins and microelements necessary for a modern person. Danone's unique solution - a combination of whey and fruit juice - makes it possible to quench your thirst and at the same time benefit from whey. You can take the original mango and orange flavored cocktail with you wherever you go to enjoy the benefits and freshness of light nutritious food everywhere. Main characteristics: Ingredients: whey, drinking water, granulated sugar, taste-aromatic juice-containing base "Orange-Mango" (concentrated orange juice, concentrated mango juice, food coloring extracts of natural carotenes, flavorings identical to natural, thickener - pectin, acidity regulator citric acid, vitamin premix (C, B1, B6, PP1, folic acid, A, E, B12), potassium sorbate preservative. Shake well before use. Nutritional value per 100 g of product: proteins - 0.4 g; fats - 0 g; carbohydrates - 11.0 g (including sucrose - 7.5 g. Energy value: 46.0 kcal. Do not store the opened package in the refrigerator) More than 12 hours. Store at T from + 2'C to + 6'C. Expiration date 1 month.
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