STARBUCKS House Blend ground coffee, medium roast, 200 g

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STARBUCKS® House Blend, ground coffee, medium roast, 200 g STARBUCKS® House Blend, ground coffee, medium roast, 100% Arabica, 200 g Notes: Balanced combination of aroma, texture and taste with hints of roasted nuts and cocoa beans. Roast: Medium - medium, has a balanced, soft and rich taste. Each type of coffee requires a different degree of roasting to achieve the optimal balance of aroma, acidity, coffee density and taste. We categorize our coffees into three roasts, Blonde, Medium and Dark, so you can easily find your favorite coffee. Blend Story: This simplicity is deceiving. A blend of selected coffee beans from Latin America, roasted until dark brown. A combination of rich aroma and flavor of nuts and cocoa beans with subtle sweet notes. This coffee is the beginning of Starbucks®, our very first blend in 1971. A cup of this exquisite coffee is our true reflection, and that says it all. Method of preparation: brew coffee in a coffee machine, a Turkish coffee pot, in a cup, a French press or in any other convenient way in a ratio of 10 g of coffee to 180 ml of water (85 ° C). You can buy STARBUCKS® House Blend, medium roasted ground coffee, 200 g in the METRO shopping center. Type: coffee. Ingredients: Natural roasted ground coffee. 100% Arabica. Brand: STARBUCKS. Net weight: 0.2 kg. Packing type: soft packing. Shelf life: 238 days.
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