Sparkling mineral water PERRIER, 1 l

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PERRIER mineral water has gained popularity all over the world. Distributed in 140 countries as 50% of its production is exported, Perrier is a premium water with invaluable health benefits. It is mined in France, in the vicinity of the city, in an area called Nimes Garrigue, which is famous for its mountain deposits formed in the Mesozoic era. PERRIER mineral water is saturated with a complex of rare minerals and compounds that have a general strengthening effect on the body. Mineral composition of water mg / l: Calcium (Ca): 147.3 Chlorides (Cl-): 21.5 Bicarbonate (HCO3): 390 Fluorine (Fl): 12: 12 Magnesium (Mg): 3.4 Nitrates (NO3) : 18 Potassium (K): 0.6 Sodium (Na): 9 Sulfates (SO): 33 pH: 5.46
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