Soufflé DROP RAINBOW banana in milk chocolate glaze, 30 g

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Soufflé DROP RAINBOW baa in milk chocolate glaze, 30 g - a delicious delicacy prepared using natural baas. Delicate dessert covered with chocolate glaze, which successfully sets off sweet soufflé. The product contains molasses rich in calcium, iron and vitamins. It provides the human body with energy reserves, improves the functioning of the nervous system. It is convenient to take soufflé in individual packing with you for a walk, to study, on the road. You can buy baa DROP RADUGA souffle in milk chocolate glaze, 30 g in Lukime online store. : molasses, sugar, milk chocolate glaze (granulated sugar, the equivalent of cocoa butter (fractions of palm vegetable oils, shea, illipe butter, antioxidant E306, acidity regulator E330) cocoa liquor, whole milk powder, dry milk whey, cocoa powder, milk fat, emulsifier soy lecithin E476, vanillin flavor, vegetable oil, moisture-retaining agent sorbitan syrup, dry egg white, dried baa (powder), table salt, emulsifiers soy lecithin and E471, natural curcumin extract dye, natural food baa flavor. value: proteins - 3 g, fats - 16 g, carbohydrates - 71 g. Energy value: 440 kcal. Shelf life: 8 months. Storage conditions: store at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C and relative humidity not more than 75%.
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