RITTER SPORT dark chocolate with marzipan, 100 g

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Bitter chocolate with marzipan RITTER SPORT, 100 g has a dark brown color and marzipan light cream filling. Almond notes of marzipan are felt in the taste and aroma. Crunchy chocolate goes well with hot coffee, tea or cappuccino. RITTER SPORT square tiles were first produced back in 1932 in Germany. Over time, due to its unusual shape, as well as its unique taste, the dessert gained recognition from civilized countries and entered the world market. You can buy RITTER SPORT bitter chocolate with marzipan, 100 g, in the METRO shopping center in Moscow. Brand: RITTER SPORT. Country: Germany. Ingredients: chocolate: sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier (soy lecithin), filling: sugar, almonds (ground), invert syrup. May contain traces of peanuts, other nuts, gluten, dairy products and eggs. Nutritional value: proteins - 6.7 g, fats - 27.0 g, carbohydrates - 53.0 g. Energy value: 493 kcal. Storage conditions: at temperature + 18 ° C and relative humidity not higher than 65%. Shelf life: 12 months. Type of chocolate: dark. Additives: marzipan. Cocoa content: 35-70%. Package: foil / paper wrapper.
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