Provencal herbs KAMIS 10 g

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The name of the mixture is borrowed from the name of the region in France - Provence, known for the abundance of aromatic plants. Their extremely successful combination has resulted in a composition with a unique aroma and many culinary and medicinal benefits. Provencal herbs contain a large amount of active substances: volatile oils, tanning agents and bitterness. These compounds stimulate the sense of smell and taste, increase appetite and promote digestion. "Provencal herbs" are especially recommended for filling fatty dishes, add flavor to a little variety and insipid dietary meals consumed on a diet without salt. They are widely used as an additive to soups, sauces and salads. Indispensable in the preparation of roast, minced meat, fillings and fish dishes.McCormick Polska SA (MAKKORMIK POLSHA JSC)
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