Nori chips MIDORI Kimchi, 5 g

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MIDORI Nori Chips Kimchi is a spicy version of the classic seaweed leaf product reminiscent of paper. Dried and fried to a crisp in olive oil, the plates are generously seasoned with hot pepper, garlic and ginger. Nori is one of the symbols of Korean and Japanese cuisine and serves as the basis for many dishes. Midori chips can be used alone or as a component for sushi or broth noodles. They are ideally suited for mastering the technique of making rolls at home. Practice, and then invite your friends over and surprise them with your art. You can buy MIDORI Kimchi nori chips in Lukime online store. Producer: Midori, South Korea. Ingredients: seaweed, olive oil, salt, kimchi seasoning. Nutritional value: proteins - 1.3 g, carbohydrates - 1 g, fats - 2 g. Energy value: 319 kcal. Expiration date: 12 months.
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