Nori chips MIDORI in sesame oil, 5 g

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MIDORI nori chips in sesame oil are original snacks for a light snack with benefits for the body. The product is also used to complement hot meals, salads, rice and side dishes - simply sprinkle a serving and you can taste the exquisite notes of Korean and Japanese cuisines. The snack is based on the popular seaweed - seaweed, the plates of which are preserved with salt and the addition of aromatic oil. The harmonious combination of three ingredients provides a delicate sweetish-spicy taste and light aroma that gradually unfold with each bite. MIDORI nori chips in sesame oil will help diversify familiar dishes and surprise loved ones with extraordinary culinary solutions. Experiment with recipes and just enjoy a healthy snack! You can buy MIDORI nori chips in sesame oil in Lukime online store. Producer: Midori, "Jinhyun Food Co.", Republic of Korea. Ingredients: seaweed, sesame oil, salt. Nutritional value: proteins - 25.4 g; fats - 19.7 g, carbohydrates - 39 g. Energy value: 319 kcal. Shelf life: 12 months.
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