Mineral water S. PELLEGRINO, 1 l

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Mineral water SAN PELLEGRINO, 1 l perfectly quenches thirst. Prestigious restaurants around the world recommend this drink to their customers. SAN PELLEGRINO rises from an aquifer located at a depth of 500 m. Before the drink enters the bottle, it passes through numerous filter beds. Water is extracted in the Alps in Italy. When it leaves, its temperature reaches 27 degrees. Numerous laboratory studies have shown that there are many minerals in the water that are beneficial to health, as well as the microbiological purity of the water. The composition of the product belongs to calcium-magnesium bicarbonate-sulphate waters. Mineral water SAN PELLEGRINO, 1 l in Moscow, can be purchased at the METRO shopping center at an attractive price. Manufacturer: Sanpellegrino SpA Country of origin: Italy. Carbonated content: Carbonated. Volume: 1 L. Mineralization : 1 g / L. Calcium: 174 mg / L. Magnesium: 51.4 mg / L. Potassium: 2.2 mg / L. Silicon: 7.1 mg / L. Nitrates: 2.6 mg / L. Sodium: 33.3 mg / L. Strontium: 2.8 mg / L Bicarbonates: 245 mg / L Chlorides: 52 mg / L Sulfates: 430 g / L Fluorides: 0.5 mg / L Shelf life: 2 years.
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