Mineral water OLD SOURCE No. 4, glass, 0.5l

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Medicinal table mineral water ESSENTUKI No. 4, glass, 0.5 l has no analogues in taste and useful properties. The deposit of natural drinking water is located at a depth of 90 m. The drink is distinguished by the content of a large amount of minerals necessary to maintain vitality. ESSENTUKI №4 are indispensable for the prevention of stomach and liver diseases, peptic ulcer disease, and metabolic disorders. Convenient glass bottle carefully preserves the high quality of the drink. You can buy ESSENTUKI mineral water, No. 4, glass, 0.5 l at an attractive price in Lukime online store. Volume: 0.5 L. Producer: Russia. Shelf life 12 months. Storage conditions: +5 'to +20 'FROM.
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