Milk cocktail CHUDO chocolate 3%, 960g

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Milk cocktail CHUDO chocolate 3%, 960g is suitable for breakfast, as well as for light snacks in the middle of the day. Thanks to the large volume of packaging, the drink will be enough for the whole family. In production, technologists do not use genetically modified products and preservatives, and the cocktail itself is created on the basis of natural cow's milk with the addition of sugar and cocoa powder. The drink can be used as a base for other cocktails. The product is suitable for sale in children's cafes and retail stores. Milk cocktail CHUDO chocolate 3%, 960g can be purchased in the METRO shopping center in Moscow. Ingredients: normalized milk, sugar, cocoa powder, starch, sucrose 12g, calcium - 100mg, phosphorus - 87mg, vitamin B2 - 0.13mg Weight: 960 g
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