LIPTON green ice tea, 1l

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LIPTON green iced tea, 1l - non-alcoholic non-carbonated drink produced on the basis of vegetable raw materials and natural juice. In the composition there are no preservatives and artificial colors. The manufacturing company uses a unique technology in which the taste and benefits of natural are preserved during the manufacture of cold tea. The drink refreshes, quenches thirst, tones up. The antioxidants contained in it slow down the oxidation processes in the body and contribute to the preservation of youth. Cold LIPTON green tea, 1l in Moscow can always be purchased at the METRO shopping center at an attractive price. Ingredients: purified drinking water, sugar, regulator acidity citric acid, flavoring base (black tea extract Lipton, identical to natural flavor, natural juice), antioxidant ascorbic acid Nutritional value: carbohydrates - 6.9 g. Energy value: 28.3 kcal. Store in a cool, dry place at T from 0 to 35'C. Shelf life: 12 months. Standard: TU 9185-001-17998155.
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