Lemonade mug with lid SKULL, 485 ml

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The 485 ml SKULL lemonade mug with lid is a functional glassware with an unexpected design. Today, such jars are rapidly gaining popularity. This is due to the ergonomics and versatility of the product. Thanks to the transparent glass base, any drink looks appetizing, the lid prevents liquid from splashing, and it is convenient to drink carbonated water, juices, milk or iced tea from the straw, to wash the mug it is enough to unscrew the lid and disassemble all the parts. The product is dishwasher safe. The model is made of high-quality materials that do not emit toxic substances; it looks appropriate in the setting of an everyday lunch or a children's party. You can buy a lemonade mug with a SKULL lid, 485 ml in Lukime online store. Brand: Skull. Country of the brand: Germany. Material: glass. Volume: 485 ml.
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