LAY`S chips with salt, 225 g

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LAY'S Crispy Chips with Salt are made from special varieties of vegetables, which allows you to create even, symmetrical slices with a delicious golden crust. The versatile combination of potato, salt and vegetable oil flavors goes well with a variety of sauces and is suitable for use in complex dishes, as an alternative to croutons. A large pack holds enough snacks to treat a large group of people. It is convenient to keep the remaining chips in a package that is closed with adhesive tape. This method preserves the taste of the product for a long time. You can buy LAY'S chips with salt in Lukime online store. Ingredients: potatoes, vegetable oil, salt. Nutritional value: proteins - 6 g, carbohydrates - 52 g, fats - 31 g .Energy value: 510 kcal. Shelf life: 135 days.
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