Juice FRUIT GARDEN Tomato, 1.93l

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Juice FRUIT GARDEN Tomato, 1.93l - will be an excellent base for sauces, cocktails, for example, the famous “Bloody Mary” cocktail, and many other drinks and dishes. The product is made from a paste obtained from ripe selected tomatoes and does not contain preservatives, GMOs and dyes, being a completely natural product. Small amounts of sugar and salt serve as flavor enhancers in the product, making it richer. The juice will be in harmony with a significant part of the second courses. Meat, poultry, fish and vegetables with this drink will acquire a completely new taste. Buy tomato juice FRUIT SAD, 1.93l in Lukime online store at an attractive price. Ingredients: tomato juice, sugar, salt. Nutritional value per 100 g of product: carbohydrates - 5.6 g. Energy value: 22.4 kcal. Storage conditions : store at temperatures from 0'C to + 25'C and relative humidity no more than 75%. Store the opened package in the refrigerator no more than 24 hours. Shelf life: 12 months.
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