JACOBS MONARCH Capsules Tassimo Cappuccino, 260g

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Capsules JACOBS MONARCH Tassimo Cappuccino, 260g - a unique development of the Kraft company. Excellent coffee of the highest quality is combined with specially processed natural milk, which does not lose its beneficial properties and taste thanks to reliable packaging. Enjoy the unmistakable, full-bodied taste of real coffee made from premium beans with a deep creamy shade. Once you place the capsule in your Tassimo machine, you just have to wait a few minutes and you will get a cup of a unique, balanced drink prepared with the latest technology. Each T-disc has a barcode, which the machine reads the required amount and temperature of the water, as well as the brewing time. The set is designed for 8 servings. Ingredients: Natural roasted ground coffee. Sterilized milk product with sugar for the preparation of the coffee drink "Cappuccino": ultrafiltered demineralized milk concentrate with a reduced lactose content (76%), drinking water, sugar (14%), salt, acidity regulator (E 339 (ii)). 100 ml of product: proteins - 1.7 g, carbohydrates - 3.2 g, including sugar - 3.2 g, fat - 1.9 g, of which saturated - 1.3 g. Energy value: 37 kcal. Shelf life 10 months.
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