Instant coffee Qualita Oro LAVAZZA, 95 g

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Instant coffee Qualita Oro LAVAZZA, 95 g is made from a blend of selected Arabica coffee beans, thanks to which it has a rich, intense taste that will please true gourmets. The coffee drink has a dark, rich color with a stable amber foam and a long-lasting floral-fruity aroma with slightly noticeable sweetish notes. Medium roasted coffee is ideal for drinking every day, and a morning cup of aromatic drink will give you vigor, tone up, fill you with vitality and energy for the whole day. The product is enclosed in an opaque container - the material is neutral and retains the true taste of coffee, and the tight-fitting lid prevents the aroma from escaping. You can buy instant coffee Qualita Oro LAVAZZA, 95 g in Lukime online store. Brand: Lavazza. Country: Italy. Country of origin: Brazil. Form: instant. Type of instant coffee: freeze-dried. Type of coffee: Arabica. Roast: medium. Grinding degree: medium. Method of preparation: cup. Taste: rich. Feature composition: natural. Weight: 95 g. Composition: Arabica 100%. Storage conditions: in a cool dry place. Shelf life: 12 months.
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