Instant coffee NESCAFE GOLD package, 900g

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COFFEE EXPERTS PRESENT THE NEW NESCAFÉ® GOLD COFFEE Enjoy the new NESCAFÉ® GOLD COFFEE! The secret is in Arabica beans, which are ground 10 times finer than the usual beans are ground to make instant coffee. Discover NESCAFÉ® GOLD with even more flavor and aroma from the very depths of the coffee beans. The beans are carefully roasted to reveal all the flavors and aromas of NESCAFÉ® GOLD coffee. To maintain the highest quality coffee, we adhere to the optimal temperature and roast time, and also carefully pack our coffee.NESCAFÉ® GOLD - 100% natural instant freeze-dried coffee, made only from selected coffee beans and water. Nutritional information: 1 cup of natural instant coffee without added milk or sugar contains 2 Kcal NESCAFÉ® GOLD large format vacuum packaging is especially convenient for use in offices, restaurants, hotels and vending machines. NESCAFÉ® remains the favorite brand in the world of coffee consumed in more than 180 countries. Every second around the world, 5,500 cups of NESCAFÉ® coffee are drunk. Shelf life: 18 months. Storage conditions: Store in a cool dry place. Producer: Nestlé Kuban LLC.
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