Instant coffee JACOBS Monarch, 75g

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Instant coffee JACOBS Monarch, 75 g has a rich aroma and pleasant taste. This invigorating drink helps you get an energy boost for the whole day. The carefully roasted beans hold the secret of true strength and aroma appeal. For its quick preparation, it is enough to pour the required amount into a cup, add hot water and mix well. It can be drunk both neat and with the addition of milk or cream. The special soft packaging with a fastener helps to keep the smell well. A pleasant drink helps create an atmosphere for warm communication with your loved ones. For the first time in 1895, coffee connoisseur Johan Jacobs opened the first coffee shop in Bremen. Thus, he made his dream come true so that everyone can feel the magical power of coffee aroma. You can buy instant coffee JACOBS Monarch, 75 g in Lukime online store. Producer: JACOBS DOU EGBERTS RUS LLC. Product weight: 840 g. Method of preparation: brew in a cup. Packing: zip -package. Storage conditions: store in a cool dry place. Shelf life: 2 years.
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