Instant coffee EGOISTE Very Special, 100g

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Instant coffee EGOISTE Very Special, 100 g, is characterized by a deep, rich, bright and maximally balanced taste, which is so appreciated by real gourmets. It is made from Arabica coffee beans, evenly roasted over hot coals, due to which it has rich and expressive taste characteristics with a delicate, slightly bitter aftertaste. Coffee perfectly invigorates, tones, helps to wake up in the morning, fills the body with energy and vitality. Strong aroma with tart notes does not diminish even after the coffee drink has cooled down. The product is enclosed in a glass jar: the material does not enter into a chemical reaction with the contents, keeping its true taste and smell. Coffee is economically consumed, due to which it will last for a long time even with regular use. Special was the first EGOISTE coffee to use In-Fi technology - the finest grind of coffee was placed inside soluble crystals, carefully preserving the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans. You can buy instant coffee EGOISTE Very Special, 100 g, in Lukime online store. Composition: 100% Arabica. Brand: Egoiste. Producer: Haco AG. Country: Switzerland. Country of origin: Colombia. Type: coffee. Form: ground in instant. Instant coffee type: freeze-dried Coffee type: Arabica Roast level: medium Preparation method: cup Packaging type: glass jar Weight: 100 g Storage conditions: store in a cool dry place Shelf life: 36 months
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