Instant coffee Egoiste VELVET, 95g

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Instant coffee Egoiste VELVET, 95g is made using modern technologies at factories in Germany and Switzerland. An important factor in the quality of the product can be considered the fact that all stages, from roasting to packaging, are performed in one production facility. This instant coffee is based on Arabica beans, the rarest and most expensive varieties. The product has a thick, rich, slightly tart aroma that does not fade over time. The taste is velvety and at the same time delicate, with a slight sourness and a pleasant fruity aftertaste. This taste and aroma is possible thanks to the gentle roasting of the beans. Coffee is delivered in a glass jar that does not allow moisture and foreign odors to pass through. You can buy instant coffee Egoiste VELVET, 95g in Lukime online store. Brand: Egoiste. Product: instant coffee. Production technology: freeze-dried. Composition: 100% arabica. Type of packaging: glass jar. Storage conditions: store in a cool dry place, at a temperature not higher than +20 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of not more than 75%. Weight: 95 g Country of origin: Switzerland.
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