Instant coffee BUSHIDO Black Katana, 100 g

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BUSHIDO Black Katana coffee, 100 g - always vigorous, energetic morning, excellent mood and strength for new achievements and victories. The freeze-dried product dissolves quickly, retaining its rich taste and aroma. It is made according to a special technology of roasting coffee beans on charcoal. Thanks to this, the coffee has a pleasant bitter aftertaste and astringency. The product is made without the use of aromas and flavors. Glass packaging preserves the original properties of the product. You can buy BUSHIDO Black Katana coffee, 100 g in Moscow, in the METRO shopping center. Producer: BUSHIDO, Switzerland. Ingredients: 100% freeze-dried coffee. Method of preparation: Pour 1-2 teaspoons of the product with hot water, stir. Storage conditions: cool dry place , up to 20 ° С, humidity not higher than 75%.
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