I clarified juice, Red grapes, 0,97 l

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Juice I with an exquisite refreshing taste of ripe red grapes will remind you of a carefree vacation on the warm coast. The drink is intended for independent consumption, making jelly, smoothies, cocktails, fruit ice. It is made on the basis of selected grape varieties, which are grown in the southern mountainous regions warmed by the sun. The technology of production of the drink allows you to keep all the benefits of berries in it. Thanks to this, the juice not only improves mood and appetite, but also saturates the body with important trace elements. Flavonoids reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Organic acids and tannins normalize metabolic processes. Polyphenols are considered to be the best antioxidants for protecting brain cells. Packaging with a lid allows you to carefully pour the drink and treat friends, relatives, and colleagues. You can buy juice I clarified, Red grapes, 0.97 l in Lukime online store. Producer: OOO VBD Drinks. Brand: I. Type of packaging: tetrapack with a volume of 0.97 l, with a screw plastic cover. Flavor: red grapes. Ingredients: reconstituted grape juice. No preservatives, sugar or dyes. The product is sterilized and aseptically packaged. Contains sugars of natural (natural) origin. Energy value, kcal / 100 ml: 65. Nutritional value, 100 g: carbohydrates - 16 g. Target audience: children from 3 years old, adults. Storage: store at temperatures from 0 to +25? С. Store the opened packaging with the product at temperatures from +2 ° C to +6 ° C for no more than two days. Shelf life: 12 months.
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