Hot chocolate RIOBA Cocoa, 1 kg

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Hot chocolate Cocoa RIOBA, 1000 g - powder for quick preparation of a tasty and aromatic chocolate drink. It is enough to pour the dry product into a cup, pour boiling milk over it and stir thoroughly. In the composition - cocoa powder, milk powder, sugar. Just one cup of this drink is a source of calcium, magnesium and other trace elements and vitamins. In its antioxidant properties, cocoa is much superior to even green tea. A special enveloping aroma and incomparable taste will allow you to feel the warmth that creates a feeling of comfort and tranquility, which is especially lacking in the "wet" off-season or cold winter. You can buy RIOBA cocoa hot chocolate, 1000 g in Lukime online store. Type: cocoa drink. Composition: cocoa powder (50%), granulated sugar, corn starch, thickener: E412, flavor " Vanilla ", salt. Packing type: can. Weight: 1000 g.
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