GREENFIELD English Edition black tea, 200 g

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GREENFIELD English Edition black leaf tea, 200 g will fill your morning with cheerfulness and good mood. Unique varieties from tea plantations in Sri Lanka are processed using a special technology that preserves many of the beneficial properties of the tea leaf. Natural tannins help cleanse the body of toxins and salts, bioflavonoids will strengthen your immunity, caffeine will relieve fatigue during the day, help concentration during intense mental activity and stimulate the production of the "hormone of joy". The combination of beneficial properties and tart rich taste of GREENFIELD tea will give you minutes of bright pleasure at any time of the day. Effect: tonic. Type of packaging: cardboard box. Packing type: gas-protective. Weight: 200 g. Storage conditions: in a cool dry place. Shelf life: 12 months.
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