Grain espresso coffee JULIUS MEINL Premium, 1 kg

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Grain espresso coffee Premium JULIUS MEINL, 1 kg energizes for the whole day, gives an excellent mood and a burst of energy. This drink is based on 100% Arabica, collected in the regions of Brazil and Central America. The product is manufactured in an Italian factory using the latest technology and the latest equipment. The secret of the drink is a medium roast, thanks to which the taste is distinguished by a balance of acidity and bitterness. The coffee is characterized by a bright aroma, an intense long-lasting aftertaste, as well as a soft, delicate foam. It comes in a convenient bag with a valve, which is not penetrated by direct sunlight, moisture, and foreign odors. You can buy JULIUS MEINL Premium Grain Espresso coffee, 1 kg in Moscow, in the METRO shopping center. Brand: JULIUS MEINL. Product: coffee beans. Roast: medium. Type of packaging: foil bag with valve. Storage conditions: before opening - dry a cool place, after opening - in a tightly closed container, in a cool dry place, away from heat sources Weight: 1 kg Country of origin: Italy.
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