Grain coffee LAVAZZA Crema e Aroma, 1 kg

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You can get a charge of vivacity or "recharge" while working by brewing LAVAZZA Crema e Aroma whole grain coffee. The drink provides enjoyment with a spicy tart taste and delicate aroma. The composition includes natural carefully selected Arabica and Robusta beans. The thick, creamy texture makes the coffee perfect for your recipes and for drinking with milk. LAVAZZA Crema e Aroma will allow you to transfer to your dreams and feel at the same time a surge of strength and relaxation. That is why it can become your constant companion at home, at work, on the road. LAVAZZA has long established itself as a brand that provides a unique and natural product to our market. In the composition, you will not find any impurities or chemical harmful substances. Only 100% natural coffee. 1 kg of selected grains will be enough for a long time of use, which will save the family budget. You can buy grain coffee LAVAZZA Crema e Aroma, 1 kg in Lukime online store. Composition: 80% Arabica, 20% Robusta. Brand: Lavazza. Country: Italy. Country of origin: America. Type: coffee. Form: beans .Kind of coffee: Arabica. Roast: medium. Method of preparation: Turkish; drip coffee maker; coffee machine. Taste shade: saturated; chocolate. Composition: natural. Type of packaging: foil bag. Packing type: gas-protective. Packing features: flow-pack. Weight: 1000 g. Storage conditions: at a temperature not exceeding + 20 ° C, relative humidity not exceeding 75%. storage: 24 months. Storage conditions: after opening the package - in a cool dry place.
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