GOOD Tomato juice, 1L

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Dobry Tomato juice, 1l - healthy drink, refreshing and strengthening. It contains phytoncides that minimize fermentation in the intestines, potassium, which is a prophylactic agent against cardiovascular diseases, and organic acids that normalize metabolism. Tomato juice can be drunk even by those who are losing weight, due to the low calorie content of the product. It can be used even by those who suffer from diseases of the joints and kidneys, since it contains less purines and oxalic acid than tomatoes. Just two glasses of juice can satisfy the body's daily need for vitamins A and CCS GOOD Tomato, 1l in Moscow can always be purchased in the METRO shopping center at an attractive price. Drink type: Juice. Volume: 1 l. Taste: tomato. Brand: Dobry. Producer: CJSC Multon. Ingredients: tomato puree (paste), sugar, water, salt. Made from concentrated tomato puree (paste). For nutrition of children from 3 years old. No preservatives or dyes. Energy value: 22.4 kcal. Nutritional value per 100 ml: carbohydrates - at least 5.6 g. Store at t from 0'C to + 25'C. Store an open bag in the refrigerator for no more than a day. Expiration date: 1 year Standard: TU 9162-008-56232828-2005.
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