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Game energy drink ADRENALINE RUSH, 0,449 l will appeal to all fans of video games. It was created specifically for professional gamers who take part in long-term competitions, but also delight those who need to be cheerful and energetic. The drink is produced on the basis of herbal ingredients. It contains ginseng, which gives a boost of vigor and increases the body's protective functions, caffeine, which improves the reaction rate and activates brain activity. It also contains the antioxidant taurine, which accelerates metabolic processes, and L-carnitine, which has a beneficial effect on physical endurance. You can buy game energy drink ADRENALINE RUSH, 0.449 L. Composition: water, sugar, acidity regulator (citric acid , sodium citrate 3-substituted), taurine, flavorings, caffeine, dyes (sugar color III, obtained by "ammonia" technology, riboflavin), pectin stabilizer, niacin, sweetener sucralose, Siberian ginseng extract, pantothenic acid, B vitamins. natural caffeine no more than 30 mg per 100 ml of drink.
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