Freeze-dried coffee EGOISTE special arabica, 100g

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Freeze-dried coffee EGOIST Special Arabica, 100g, thanks to a special manufacturing technology, allows you to preserve all the beneficial properties and bright taste of natural arabica. To prepare a wonderful drink, you don't need a Turk or a coffee maker: just pour one or two tablespoons of the contents of the package into a mug and pour hot water over it. Noble tart aroma and unsurpassed taste with a light chocolate hue will please even the most fastidious gourmet. If desired, you can add sugar or cream to the finished coffee. A drink drunk in the morning will give strength for the whole day and help to tune in to positive. The product comes in a stylish glass jar with an interesting lid. You can buy EGOIST Special Arabica freeze-dried coffee, 100g at an attractive price in Lukime online store. Weight: 100 g. Method of preparation: pour the contents of the sachet into a cup, add 170 ml of hot water and stir. Store at a temperature not exceeding 20 ° C and relative humidity not more than 75%.
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