Freeze-dried coffee BUSHIDO Original premium, 100 g

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Freeze-dried coffee BUSHIDO Premium, 100g - natural instant coffee of excellent quality. The composition uses a mixture of several varieties of Arabica, collected in South America. The production process takes place at the NASO plant in Switzerland, which is located at an altitude of about 2,000 above sea level. As a result, the drink gets a delicate, harmonious and refined aroma. In the production of Bushido coffee, a unique technology is used that allows you to fully reveal the taste of natural coffee without artificial colors and flavors. Freeze-dried BUSHIDO Premium coffee, 100 g in Moscow can always be purchased at the METRO shopping center at an attractive price To obtain an exquisite fine and harmonious aroma of this coffee, we roast the best coffee beans from South America using a special method - try it, we tried for you! A successful combination of rich taste with medium density. Region: South America, TanzaniaProduction: SwitzerlandBlend of Arabica: BUENAVENTURA®Processing : Washed Arabica / Hand picking / Alpine sun drying Roasting: City Technology: Freeze-dried
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