FANTA orange carbonated drink, 2l

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Fanta highly carbonated drink 2l. No preservatives. With vitamin C. Contains orange juice. Natural flavors. Non-alcoholic drink. Ingredients: purified water, sugar, orange juice 3%, acidity regulator (citric acid, malic acid, sodium gluconate), vitamin C (not less than 4.5 mg / 100 ml), natural flavors, sodium saccharinate sweetener, stabilizers (glycerin and resin esters) acids, guar gum), dyes (carotenes, beta-apo-8-carotenic aldehyde (C30). A sediment may precipitate at the bottom of the bottle, which is natural for a drink containing orange juice. Nutritional value per 100ml: carbohydrates 8g, proteins 0g, total sugars 8g, fats 0g Energy value: 33 kcal Store at a temperature of 0'C to 30'C Store an open bottle in the refrigerator, consume the drink within 24 hours. Drink chilled. Shelf life 6 months.
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