Energy drink BURN Apple Kiwi in a tin can, 0.25 l

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Introduced alongside the updated formula of our classic flavor, BURN Apple Kiwi is the first addition to our lineup. This experiment, it is worth recognizing, turned out to be the most successful. The light sourness of an apple, meeting the juicy and soft aroma of kiwi and our formula, has become something more than an energy drink - it has become a necessary element of the hottest parties in the country. Knowing how to tame fire has forever changed our lives and separated us from all other species on earth. Since the Stone Age, some of humanity's best ideas have been born around fire - and so is BURN Energy! We have created a unique energy drink with a mild and refreshing taste that will wake the fire in you. Artists, musicians, athletes and creators know what it takes to start rocking. Open a can of BURN Energy and you will find out for yourself!

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