Crispbread DR. Korner cereal cranberry cocktail, 100 g

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Crispbread DR. Korner Cranberry cereal cocktail are made from environmentally friendly grains (rice, buckwheat, wheat), which are gently processed to preserve their beneficial properties. The product is rich in dietary fiber, which provides long-lasting feeling of fullness and prevents excess weight gain. Slice fulfills the body's need for vitamins and microelements, contains natural cranberry juice, which gives crispy slices the taste and aroma of wild berries. Bread will become a healthy and satisfying snack at work, on the road or on a walk. They go well with cheese, vegetables, as well as yogurt and fruits. Buy loaves of DR. Korner You can cereal cranberry cocktail in Lukime online store. ? Ingredients: wheat, rice groats, fructose, unground buckwheat, natural cranberry flavor, iodized salt, sucralose sweetener, cranberry juice. ? Nutritional value: proteins - 9 g; fats - 2 g; carbohydrates - 66 g. Energy value: 320 kcal. ? Expiration date: 12 months.
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