Condensed milk VOLOKONOVSKOE 8.5%, 270g

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Condensed milk VOLOKONOVSKOE 8.5% will make your day sweet. Natural and so delicious, it will become a favorite treat for both children and adults. This product is made from normalized milk and sugar according to the recipe established by GOST. Condensed milk does not contain anything superfluous - no preservatives, no third-party ingredients, no food additives, and its taste is based solely on naturalness. Condensed milk will be equally good both in the morning and at lunch, as an ingredient in a sandwich or as an addition to baked goods. The main thing is that in any case it will remain equally tasty and give all its useful and taste qualities to you. You can buy condensed milk VOLOKONOVSKOE 8.5%, 270g in Moscow in METRO Cash & Carry. Ingredients: normalized milk, granulated sugar. 100g: proteins 6.8g, fats 8.5g, carbohydrates 56.4g. Energy value: 297 kcal. Storage conditions: store at temperatures from 0 ° C to 10 ° C. Shelf life 15 months.
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